Talia is your go-to ethnically ambiguous girl with killer pipes and spot-on timing.  She is characterized by her confident presence, take-charge attitude, emotional honesty, and an array of lively and animated voices and expressions.

Ethnically Ambiguous Badass    
Sarcastic Sidekick
Passionate Activist       
Mischievous Antihero
Stylish Professional
Hilarious Hot Mess
Bougie Associate


What's your deal?
Where you from?
How'd you get your start?
Yeah, that's three questions in one.

My versatility stems from a colorful upbringing.
I was born in Connecticut but raised by a family of Caribbean New Yorkers. So naturally, I was the neighborhood firecracker with crazy curls, blue eyes, a loud mouth and a boom-box with a microphone.

My father is a photographer and my mother was a top-level administrator for the state, so I've always benefited from a great balance of creativity and scholarship.

My first theatrical experience was THE WIZ. I wanted to play the Lion...I got cast as Dorothy and threw a tantrum. By the first week, I had fallen in love with being the center of attention.

What have you been up to recently?

I just finished shooting KEVIN CAN WAIT on CBS, and I'm proud to say I made Kevin James break twice on set and Leah Remini loves my nails.  So I don't know about YOU, but I'M winning at life.  

Recently you may have caught me living my best life and throwing a party in a pyramid each night as the title character in the immersive showcase of CLEOPATRA: THE NEW POP EXPERIENCE at Theater for the New City.

Prior to this, I made my Off-Broadway debut at NY City Center originating the role of Anouk in Alan Hruska's play RING TWICE FOR MIRANDA.

And I was recently nominated for Best Actress In A Musical at the Connecticut Critics Circle Awards for my work as Aldonza in Ivortyon Playhouse's production of MAN OF LA MANCHA, which I played while having an incredible experience participating in the 2016 NBC SCENE SHOWCASE.  Because, why make things easy?!

Have you always lived in NYC?

Nah. After growing up and earning my BFA on the East Coast, I decided to ditch the whole concept of seasons and headed to Los Angeles for grad school and endless summer.  There, I was lucky enough to be a part of the original cast of FOR THE RECORD: BAZ LUHRMANN as well as an original member of UPRIGHT CABARET.  Additionally, I got to rock out with Denis Leary on his RESCUE ME COMEDY TOUR at the Nokia Theatre, Ok Go on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!, and The Kills at COACHELLA.

So what's your training?

BFA in Acting from The University of Connecticut (GO HUSKIES!!!!) and MFA in Acting from UC Irvine (Zot Zot!)

What's your favorite stage role you've played so far?

Prisoner 1 in the first-ever remount of MARIE CHRISTINE at 3LD because Michael John LaChuisa told me aferwards he wanted to write a role for me. I'm still waiting. Call me, boo. 

Do you have a dream role or a dream role prototype?

Who doesn't?!  Vanda in VENUS IN FUR, an animated character in a PIXAR film, anything that Mya Rudolph does, and a mutha effin' MARVEL villain or anti-hero.  I would also like to play the role of Michelle Obama's BFF.  But like...for real.  In real life.

Do you have a celebrity doppelganger?

I get "you could be Tracee Ellis Ross' little sister"

If you were to switch fields, what other career would interest you?

Criminal Justice. With a focus on human and civil rights in a position where I would be able to advocate and instigate change for marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Or maybe a Sommelier,

Why only 9 questions? Why not just do one more and make it even?

I don't make choices based on what's acceptable. You gotta go with your what makes you feel good, or sometimes just do what you gotta do because that's what's needed to get the job done.  

Also, you're not the boss of me, website.  Just let me live and be great, m'kay?

“Captivating throughout the show, she rises to mesmerizing heights with her performance...and it ably stands as a candidate for the ultimate show-stopping moment.”
— Connecticut Critics Circle
“Talia Thiesfield is a joy”
— The Los Angeles Times


“Talia will send chills up your spine and tears down your cheeks. Brava!”
— Theater Mirror

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