Coaching vs Prep

Coaching with Talia involves working consistently over a longer period of time while focusing on one or two alternating assignments.
This option is right for someone who is either looking to sharpen their skills as a whole or discover a new approach in their performance.
This is also a great way to prepare for a long-term goal or event that is sometime in the future such as a concert, college audition, or preparing to play a specific role.

Audition Prep is simply that.  Preparation for you to slay.
We meet according to your audition needs and only work on the material you need to prepare for your appointment.
Talia's feedback will be specifically tailored to your immediate needs for the audition.
The main goal in audition prep is to work together to find authentic and bold choices that will help you stand out to casting directors.

My goal is to help you tailor your execution of the materials and help you bring your authentic self into the room within the parameters of the character.

Regardless of which service you require, you are the director of your audition.  Just think of me as your AD.  I'm a second set of eyes and ears to help you craft the most exciting and authentic performance you can.

Styling Services:

A "business" look is not one blazer fits all.
One actor's version of "quirky sidekick" may not be the same as yours.
And for the love of Beyoncé -- Character shoes ARE NOT all-purpose audition heels.

Styling services are a much overlooked, but very necessary part of delivering an accurate and authentic representation of YOUR brand. 

Casting and representation professionals value appropriate styling that reflects your true self while expertly nodding towards the role or time period you are emulating.

Talia has a keen eye for style and spot-on instinct for appropriate audition, event, and photoshoot attire.
She comes highly recommended by several industry professionals including casting directors, managers, agents, and fellow actors.  Talia can work with your own closet or provide clear, easy to access ensembles for auditions, headshots, or events.

When scheduling a headshot consultation, Talia uses her own system that she calls The Archetype Shade Method to meticulously deconstruct your own personality and unique style. 
Talia developed this method nearly five years ago to help clients achieve the specific "shades" (or types) they and their agents need for their headshots.  Other photographers and stylists have adopted and adapted this method, but Talia gives you the personalized attention that will help you book roles!

Headshot Selection services are now available!
Take the pressure out of sifting through hundreds of proofs!  Talia will help you select the most eye-catching photos that best represent you and help you get in the room.  With her background in photography, styling, and strong relationships with casting professionals, Talia is well-versed in the do's and don't of picking the perfect headshot and knows what makes a casting director click on your photo.